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The World Champion College of Auctioneering features several of the finest champion auctioneers in the country, sharing their bid calling techniques to help you develop a versatile chant useful in nearly any auction situation. If you want to advance your career as an auctioneer, or as an auction marketing professional — our expert instructors can take you to the next level.

Even if you have never called a bid — we can teach you an auction chant to start your career as an auctioneer today.

We are widely recognized as the leader in auctioneer training. We have trained auctioneers from all over the world.

The World Champion College of Auctioneering can help you develop the skills you need to become an expert bid caller by providing expert auctioneer education and training.

Our web site offers you:

Information on goals and results you can expect from our auctioneer training course

Brief resumes of our World Champion auctioneer instructors

Suggestions about who should apply for our course

Testimonials from former auctioneer students

…plus other necessary educational resources. Contact us for more information.