learn auctioneering bid calling chant

Who Should Apply?

Q. I have attended another auction school and was satisfied with everything except the bid calling instruction. Does WCCA focus on the chant?
A. The chant is all we focus on. We will build a chant for you that will, with practice, adapt to any segment in the auction industry.

Q. There were 200 people at the auction school I attended and I didn’t get any individual attention. Will I get that at WCCA?
A. Yes! We limit the course to only 20 students. You will get “one-on-one” attention throughout the course.

Q. I have never been to an auction school and I want to learn how to be an auctioneer. Is WCCA the school for me?
A. Yes! We will teach you to call bids. However, if you have little or no experience in the auction business, you should consider attending another auction school before or after attending WCCA. They have courses designed to educate you about the auction business profession.

Q. My family owns an auction business and I currently work in the business. I want to learn bid calling but I don’t want to spend two weeks going over all the business instructions. Is WCCA for me?
A. Absolutely! We don’t offer business instruction courses, only the art of bid calling.

Q. I have been an auctioneer for quite some time but I want to be better. I want to be the best bid caller in my trade association. Can WCCA help me?
A. Yes! We will spend time one on one with you to loose your bad habits and teach you superior ones for you to develop.

Q. I see that most of the WCCA instructors have a livestock auctioneering background. Does that mean you teach only a livestock chant?
A. No. We teach a basic rhythmic chant that, with practice, will evolve and develop into any type of auction chant you pursue. Our students come with a diverse background of all types of auctions.

Q. Why does WCCA only offer one course per year?
A. Our instructors have very busy schedules — all of them have full-time careers, managing their auction businesses and conducting auctions on a daily basis. WCCA isnot a brick and mortar auction school with a business plan of recruiting large numbers of students to fill many courses per year. Our instructors are a select group of auction professionals who clear their calendars for one week a year, and come together with an intimate group of serious students wishing to learn the fine art of bid calling.

Next group session: Spring 2015
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